Microsoft Excel Development Solutions

Today's business environment is placing increasing demands on you and your staff. The quantity of business data, by one estimate, is doubling every 1.2 years. Did you know that you already own software that can help you manage your business efficiently and cost effectively?

Most businesses today have collected the majority of their data using Microsoft Excel. Agilis can help you consolidate and automate this data so you can focus your efforts on your business, increasing productivity and revenue.

Boost Productivity / Track Metrics / Automatically Generate Reports

The majority of businesses use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis to manage data in all aspects of their company. Excel is the most widely used business and analytics tool in the world.

Agilis, Inc. has the expertise to help you manage your Excel data by consolidating your files and automating tasks allowing you to make informed decisions to successfully drive your business results.

We can help you find meaningful patterns in your data, present it clearly and promote "data driven decision making". Data driven decision making is defined not only by collecting the data but how that data is used or not in making critical business decisions.

Consolidating and automating your Excel data files can lead to:

  • Smarter Decisions
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Greater growth and productivity
  • Auto generated Reports in MS Word
  • Auto generated PowerPoint Presentations
  • Reduced data entry and calculation errors
  • Provide real time data analysis



The MCP Advantage

When you hire a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), your company benefits from a technically proficient professional who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge.

Certified professionals give your organization a competitive advantage. They can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce network downtime, and push service to a higher level, which translates into an excellent return on investment.